Wood Floor Scraper For Old Wooden Floor

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Wood Floor Scraper Rental

Wood Floor Scraper – The difficulty of removing the old wooden floor is dependent on the type of wood that was used and how it was put. Floors that have been glued down is harder to tear up than when it comes to a floating floor. Using the right tools and techniques will facilitate the work in all circumstances.

Wood with higher density, such as maple and oak, is often salvageable and if the wood is in good condition, you may want to remove it so that it can be reused. In the 1980s, parquet flooring with foam backing was popular and this type of hardwood flooring is one of the easiest to remove. Old wooden floors dating back to the seventies types of adhesives that make it more difficult to remove.

Use a circular saw to make an initial cut to start the removal process. Generally, a sheet with carbide teeth is used. You can use a hammer if you are not going to save it from the wood. Hit the edge of the floor with the hammer to break the adhesion of the glue. Be careful not to damage the subfloor when using a hammer. A floor scraper is essential to remove floors has been stuck down. A hammer and a lever or lever bar are also useful.

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