Unique Look Hand Scraped Wood Floors

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Color Scraped Wood Flooring

Hand scraped wood floors – Looking for that unique hardwood look? Something different to add interest or intrigue to your home? The hand-scraped wood floor can do just that and offer an authentic and rustic look! Hand-scraped wood, intentionally created to look worn and distressed. This product can be used in older homes to preserve historic and worn items that may reflect style and character.

Another good space for hand-scraped wood is to create an old and vintage style, often resembling old farmhouses, estates or castles. Some of the benefits of owning a hand-scraped word are its unique appearance, durability and low maintenance. This type of flooring is often considered a work of art. Usually a decorative piece in a home. And artisans are often considered to be artists, needing practice and creativity to properly create the masterpiece in wood.

Hand scraping is a technique used before the creation of machines for the manufacture of these flooring products. This has been use to smooth out irregularities in the wood, usually by hand. Now that times have change. It has become the opposite and it is use to add irregularities to the wood. And is usually done by machine. Check our gallery to inspire you!


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