Simple To Get Bleach On Wood Floors

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Bleach On Solid Wood Floors

Bleach on wood floors – Your floor is damaged? Dull? Or did you simply get tired of its hue? It may be time to renovate it and why not paint it! This radical change will allow you to give a second life to your flooring, both in terms of decoration and in terms of resistance. Indeed, before painting a floor, it must first repair it. You must fill the holes, sand and dust off the surface. Two coats of paint, with an interval of twelve hours minimum between the two, are necessary to paint a floor.

Regarding the choice of color, it depends on the style you like. For a Scandinavian decor, opt for a white floor. For a design and original atmosphere, dare a parquet of color. To do in simplicity and authenticity, you can sand your floor. Sanding requires a little elbow grease, but is not a very complicated task to perform. You only need a belt sander for the center of the part and a corner sander for the rest.

Sanding will remove varnish, wax or paint. Your parquet will return to its original appearance, and then resume its natural color and texture. You will get what is called a raw wood. If you keep it that way, it will give a natural spirit to your interior. You can complement this rustic decor with a carpet, plants and cushions to make it more cozy.

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