Painting Ideas For Wood Floor Stripper

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Restorations Stripping Vinyl Floors Yourself

Wood floor stripper if you are in a home with wooden floors that have seen better days, there is an alternative to having them professionally redone. Consider creating your own masterpiece by painting your wooden floor.


Prepare the wood floor stripper with a light grinding. Whether your wood flooring was colored or previously painted, use sandpaper or a palm sander to easily finish, so the floor will accept the color. Use fine sandpaper for this process. Use detergent and water, clean the entire floor. Remove all dirt, dust and oil. Rinse the floor. Buy a primer specifically designed for wooden floors. Tell color professionals professional what kind of color you use. Latex paint needs a latex primer, but an alkyd primer can be used for alkyd, polyurethane and latex.

Choose your color. Some colors are made only for floors. If you are looking for a satin finish, you should use latex flooring. If you want a semi-gloss or glossy finish, use alkyd, polyurethane or latex floor paint. Paint the floor. Using a brush, start at the outer edges of the wood floor stripper, and cut in. Then, with a roller attached to a painting pole, fill in the center of the floor. Apply as coats until you get the look you want. Seal the floor. 2 to 3 layers of polyurethane sealer made for flooring will keep the floor in good condition for at least 3 to 5 years. Leave the floor for 2 days before applying sealer.

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