Mohawk Hardwood Flooring Idea That Can Save You Money

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Bathroom Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

Mohawk hardwood flooring prices range from $ 6 to $ 8 per square foot of material, installation and additional fees. Brazilian cherry wood is a difficult wood to install. Therefore, using a professional can save you money in the long run. Prices with installation are around $ 8 to $ 10 per square foot. Ensuring that all of the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed will be a good way to not spend unnecessary money in the long run.

Remember that these prices are fair and approximate. They vary depending on the location, the company, the installer, the quality, etc. Make sure to get quotes or estimates from multiple locations to make sure you get the right price. In addition to the basic cost of Brazilian cherry wood and its installation, there are also other factors that will increase the costs of a project of this type.

Finishing boards, subfloors and even recovery accounting will all incur additional costs. We recommend 10% additional flooring material to account for the cuts that will need to be made to make some parts unnecessary. Mohawk flooring engineered hardwood floors are also available for an easy project to do yourself. Engineered hardwood floors will look the same as hardwood floors, but installation is much easier and flooring has different qualities.


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