How To Install Pergo Oak Laminate Flooring

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White Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak laminate flooring from Pergo offers the same look and finish of a traditional oak hardwood floor at a fraction of the cost. A Pergo oak floor can be placed on any flat surface, such as concrete, wood or existing floors, and easily assembled interlocking pieces can quickly transform a room following the basic installation procedure.

Disconnect and remove any baseboards in the room, where appropriate, using a hammer bar and lever. Cut the side tongue of enough laminate Pergo oak planks for the first full row of the floor. Place the next full plank against the end of the first board, align the edges, then use a pin and hammer to adjust the ends together. Repeat step 4 to complete the starting row of floorboards, inserting spacers along the edge of the wall as needed. Cut a standard 24-inch-long floorboard, using a circular saw or miter saw the next row of planks begin.

Place the edge of the tab of a standard board at a slight angle against the end of the board installed. Repeat step 7 to complete the tables in the row, cutting the final piece, as necessary, to adjust. Begin the next row with a complete plank and repeat the assembly steps, adjust to the end of each plank. Cut the necessary width of the final row of plank floor as necessary. Reinstall the motherboard, if applicable. The baseboards should lie firmly down on the surface of the laminated Pergo.

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