Finishing And Sanding Hardwood Floors

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Sanding Wood Floors And Refinishing Ideas

Sanding hardwood floors – If you have a wooden floor Flooring is likely, at some point in time, need sanding and repainting. You can hire a professional to do the work for you, but why not do the work yourself. Sander makes the sanding process easier and you can rent these at almost any home improvement center. Although sanding and finishing your wood floor is hard work and a dirty job, imagine the pleasure you feel when you are finished.

Ideas for sanding and finishing hardwood floors erase everything in the room. Remove furniture, carpets, pictures and anything else in the room. Examine the floorboards. Countersunk any nail heads that stick out to find 1/8 inch below the surface. Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove any remaining sand or gravel that can scratch the wood under the sander.

Determine what your floor already has in it for a finish and this will tell you the sandpaper you need to start. 20-grit sandpaper removes paint and 36-grit sandpaper removes shellac or varnish. Put the appropriate sandpaper to the drum sander and the sander edge. Turn on the drum sander, but do not have the sandpaper on the floor. Sanders drum remove a lot of wood in a short period of time. Start in a corner of the room and go with the grain of the wood, slowly move back with the sander until you reach the other end of the room.

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