Click Lock Vinyl Flooring: Lay “Click” Vinyl Laminate

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Laminate Flooring That Looks Like Ceramic Tile

Click lock vinyl flooring has a thickness of 4.5 mm. The strips have a size of approximately 131 x 19 cm. Laying is similar to laying laminate. Also keeps space around for possible operation. You use spacers for this. It is very easy to apply and to measure with a hobby knife. A special cutting kit is available for this. A special underlay has been developed for click vinyl. This is extra thin and rough, so that the floor stays in place.

The subfloor plates can be laid like a puzzle and can be made easily and accurately by the handy cutting lines. In combination with these underlays, the floor is extra sound-absorbing, and therefore particularly suitable for apartments or storey floors. You do not need to use force when laying the floor. Laying the first strip is the most important. Make sure you lay the groove towards you and the brass towards the wall.

If you place the second one after your first strip, you first insert the long side into the groove. Then lay it flat and you can connect the short side with a nylon hammer with a tap. Use the spacer along the sides because vinyl is still working! If your floor is lying, you can choose to stick matching skirting boards, but you can also opt for a faster solution: kitten! With kitten it is important that you keep the kit upright and distribute it regularly.

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