All About Laminate Flooring Underlay

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Laminate flooring underlay – Assembling floorboards has never been easier since the clip system came on the market. The pose is fast and intuitive. This technique has two advantages over laying a solid wood floor. First, if a floorboard is damaged, simply “unclip” the surrounding blades to replace it. Second, the assembly does not require glue, so no drying time. I clip, and I can directly install my furniture on it. The advice and more: I think to store a few days my floor in the room that I will renovate, so that it is “used” (temperature, humidity …).

The installation of an acoustic underlay is mandatory. I do not hesitate for my personal comfort to privilege a performing sub-layer. For a room on the ground floor, I choose a parquet film to prevent rising damp. These products are bought by the meter, in roll.

I take out the floorboards and I arrange them at regular intervals in the room, in small piles, respecting the male and female plugs of the clips. So I save time when taken in hand. I buy “scissors”. These wood chopsticks are easily cut lengthwise to fit all kinds of angles difficult to circumvent like a chimney base for example. I think to file the edges of the chisel with sandpaper to avoid splinters.

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