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Healing, Learning and Growing
Make Note of the Lovely Title of the Music Instruction Book I’ve Been Given – Musicianship for the “Older” Beginner!

You know how people tell you there are just certain things that are so much harder to take up later in life? Well I know they are correct, but whenever I am told that something is not likely to happen, I do my damnedest to make it happen; if it’s the right thing, not going to hurt anyone, and something I really want. A few of the things harder to do later in life include learning a new language, and learning to play an instrument. Well I am starting with the latter thanks to a close personal friend. It has always been my dream to play piano (or in the very least marry someone who did so I could have a vocal accompanist- LOL). So a few weeks ago I started taking lessons. Reading music comes back pretty quickly (although I HATE the bass clef with a passion) and I have always had a good ear, so playing simple notes, and even chords with my right hand comes naturally to me. The left hand is where everything begins to break down. My brain does not want to read both lines of music simultaneously, while my left hand does something entirely different than my right hand. Coordination of any sort has never been my strong suit. But I am determined. Again it’s all about perseverance. I know I can do it, and I know I will do it. I may never give a Van Cliburn Concert, but if I can play things that I enjoy singing, it will fulfill a life long dream. Until this darn foot surgery I had been practicing everyday for at least an hour. This surgery has put my “recital” schedule behind a bit, but I won’t give up. As I said in prior posts I am basically an agnostic, spiritual, humanist; who can now play “Ode to Joy” with her right hand.

yiddish theatreNow when it comes to another language, I’d love to embark on that journey as well. I actually have my foot in three others (no pun intended): French, Hebrew and Yiddish, so maybe someday… I will find fluency in one other. Yiddish, a dying language with a rich history in theatre would probably be my first choice as it is unlike any other, and so very expressive.

I know, I know... yuck... but they look better than I thought they would and they are healing well!
I know, I know… yuck… but they look better than I thought they would and they are healing well!

Since the surgery I have not gotten on the scale, I am a bit scared to do that. I also know that it will be awhile before I can return to the gym and actually do much until my feet are completely healed. Whatever chocolate was in the house is no longer… and I wish I could say it was because I threw it out, but I’d be lying. That being said however, I refuse to bring anymore in. Once I get the courage to get back on that scale, I will share how much I have to lose again – lets just hope its not too much to be too discouraging of a journey to embark on. I have faith regardless of what it is, I will do it because as they say “feeling slim feels better than anything can taste” and I know that first hand. Healing is a process, I need to let it take its course so that I can be a better me (and that pertains to all wounds).

So here I sit, feet up – writing. Kind of nice really because who knows if I’d be writing if I were up and about. I love writing – another thing I forgot along the way!

Cheese & Chocolate!

I was watching GMA yesterday and they referred to a study recently done about the addictive qualities of cheese. Well I feel like a study was not necessary. I know many people (myself included) who can tell you with out a doubt that they are addicted to cheese.

Now, like everything else if you are actively trying to loose weight full fat cheese needs to be eaten in moderation. But, cheese is one of those things I refuse to give up entirely (kinda like chocolate). I have had to give up quite a lot on a gluten free diet, so cheese and chocolate are staying.

I think you need to remember that dieting should not be about deprivation, but about moderation and healthy choices. You need to still enjoy food, just not eat it for comfort or distraction, but when your body is hungry. Eating mindlessly is a very easy trap to fall into. Before getting on the computer or watching the television it is probably a good idea to fix a healthy snack to keep nearby (this especially goes for computer time at work).

Finding other comfort, pleasure and distraction is key. I can’t tell you what will work for you. I can tell you what works for me: ANYTHING creative. I write, draw, paint, sing, act, and design… This refocuses me and brings me joy. Here is our mantel decorated and ready for Halloween.

2015-10-17 18.33.49

I like to visit with friends who understand that I like to make healthy choices and just talk, and share stories. Find what distracts you from stress and sadness – a walk outside, your pets, your children, solving problems or puzzles? It’s different for everyone.

I have a callback for that show tonight that I mentioned in my previous blog: Four Weddings and an Elvis at Rover Dramawerks in Plano, TX – and I am very excited. This in and of it self helps me stay on track. If I know I am going to perform, or even audition, I need to look my best that helps me stay motivated.

A bunch of friends went out to the 2105 Halloween Block Party on Cedar Springs. Now being gluten free I can’t drink beer and try hard not to drink too many of my calories. I now enjoy some hard cider, and can still have some party time with friends. We dressed as a bowling team (team name The Gutters and the Udders) and each couple had their own couple name. This was my mom’s idea and it was a huge hit as our photos appeared in Guide Live and on Flashy Foto’s Facebook page. Here we all are:

Halloween is hard on a diet, especially for a chocolate lover (and worse if you have kids). When purchasing candy for your trick-or-treaters try and buy stuff you are just not that crazy about. Kids will pretty much enjoy any candy you give them. You could also bag them individually if you have the time, which may avert you from breaking into the candy. Don’t deprive yourself entirely just don’t overdo it. One Resees Peanut Butter Cup will not destroy your life or pack on 5 pounds, but a whole bag of them might.

Let me know how your Halloween goes, and remember to HAVE FUN!



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