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As some of you may know I recently took up gardening as a hobby. I’ve planted a huge raised vegetable garden and now I have planted flowers and bulbs for spring in the front to add some color to the house. I don’t know what I am doing and I’m basically googling as I go along, but plants are forgiving and they seem to be growing. I planted 8 flats of dianthus,screenshot_smartselect_2016-10-27-13-48-38 about a dozen hyacinth bulbs and about 200 tulip bulbs (many colors and varieties). Tulips are my favorite flower so I sincerely hope for a beautiful spring.  I am just finishing planting the last of the bulbs. Let me repeat I am a newbie. Growing up in New York I never had the chance to garden and when I have tried indoor plants I have just killed them within weeks. Even the rose bushes (that from what I understand are an art of their own) are blooming.  I am deadheading (yup a rose term, lol) and removing burnt and diseased leaves if any. Learning where and how to cut them back so that they will continue to bloom.

It is very satisfying. If you live in an area where you can garden, I would encourage you to try it even if you think you don’t have a green thumb. If you don’t have a yard many communities offer communal gardens where you can go and plant whatever you’d like.  It’s a cheap enough hobby if you start from seed.  But let me tell you these bulbs can get pricey. I am hoping I’ve made an investment that will bloom for a few years.

Gardening is a great exercise – especially the digging and planting part! I am proud to say I have woken at 4:30 the past two mornings and gone to the gym, but gardening is far more enjoyable.  We walked the dogs last night too. Not a long walk, just around the block, but its moving my body regardless.

I’m back to my steel cut oatmeal with cranraisins and a sprinkling of chopped nuts, flax seed and cinnamon for breakfast. This seems to tide me over well.  Sometimes I need a mid-morning snack. I am trying hard to keep to one of those Dannon Greek Okios 0-0-0 yogurts. I know I am not drinking enough water, so I am working on that as well.  I saw an ad on Facebook for a funny water bottle that lights up to remind you that you need to hydrate.  Kind of a cool idea.  I don’t know if it would work for me or not.  I drink at the gym and with meals, but I know I need more water as it also helps curb my hunger.

Fatigue is still present most of the day. I think it’s just going to take a while to adjust. The best part of working out is that feeling you have right after you are done.  You are proud of yourself, there’s the adrenaline and the post workout shower feels unbelievably amazing. It’s getting there, doing it, and then the fatigue that hits once the adrenaline wears off that is the problem. But I have started to work isolated parts of the body for the strength training part of my workout.  I do 30 minutes of cardio every morning and then approximately 30 minutes of strength training. Yesterday was biceps and pectorals and today was back. Tomorrow will be legs and that usually leaves me very achy.

I will put my oatmeal recipe up here on the blog on the recipe page and on our Facebook page as well for those who are interested. I cook enough for the week and reheat it as needed.  Oh, and I am back to drinking green tea instead of coffee every morning. Green tea is better for you and it’s an appetite suppressant. I still drink coffee occasionally but I am trying hard to limit my caffeine intake as well.  Limiting it while dieting seems to have a positive effect for me.

Keep swimming friends. I hope the Facebook community takes off and can offer support through others sharing their stories, routines, ideas, recipes etc.

Starting Our Facebook Community and Jumpstarting My Journey

Well it hasn’t been easy waking up at 4:30 in the morning again and getting to the gym. My body is still not used to it.  I know it’s for the best, but I am remembering just how hard this is.  I had terrific energy this morning, full of adrenaline after the workout. But then I crashed early afternoon. Just keep swimming…

I’d like to start an online community.  Support for anyone and everyone who is struggling with weight and/or fitness.  I think I will create a Facebook Page for the blog where we can all share and add local events, goals, achievements, pics etc. Additionally, I would like to start some local fitness groups here in Southern San Diego County. And encourage online community members to do the same in their area.  Pages on fitn2016_10_26_13_23_23ess, diet, recipes, style, gardening, crafts – whatever our community wants to talk about.  Our commonality will be the journey we are each on to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am even thinking about a Fitbit group which we could ALL be a part of!

That being said. Look for OUR page @

If you are local to the San Diego area my family and some friends will be participating in the Foam Glow 5K on November 12th in the evening at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Chula Vista.  Come join us and walk, jog or run off some calories and/or stress!foamglow

I am going to have to take another before and after pic I think as I have gained an uncomfortable amount of weight. I was 147 just four months ago and now I am up about 20 lbs. Here is my before pic with a scale shot.  I am not depressed about it, a bit embarrassed, but most of all disappointed with myself.  This disappointment will lead to motivation, perseverance and ultimately success.20161026_15370320161026_154407


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