Getting to Know You

I’ve noticed something here in San Diego. The lesbian community feels siloed. They eat together, socialize together, form communities, but it’s my perception that they have cut themselves off from mainstream society. I am sure I haven’t been here long enough to make a valid assessment, and I am probably talking out of my own ass of death, lol; It’s just a newbie’s observation. Since my move to SD I have made some lesbian friends and some straight friends as well. Honestly they are all my friends, and my comfort level around all of them is equal. They know my sexual orientation, and I am aware of theirs but for me this has never been a criterion for friendship or socializing. I like having friends who bring with them different views and perspectives on life whether it is because of their sexual orientation, political affiliation, gender, religious beliefs, race, socioeconomic background, childhood…  I enjoy getting to know PEOPLE.

When people meet me, I hope I am not being pigeon holed because I am a lesbian mother of 5 who was raised Jewish in New York. None of those things define me although they are all part of who I am.  I am also a democrat, a former Texan, a member of the middle class (maybe?), a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, a singer, a painter, a writer, a jewelry artist, a true Pieces, and on and on.  We all have so many facets to who we are, some of which are undefinable. Not one thing, or even a few things can explain a human being.

I hope my blog reaches people from all walks of life. I know I have had readers across the country and the world (WordPress gives amazing statistics!). I hope I continue to draw readers who would feel inclined to comment or contribute here or on our correlated Facebook page. I want to get to know the people who show interest in this blog. It is important to me. Feel free to reach out with comments, questions, etc.

20161102_140741.jpgFor my weight loss readers… I dropped 3.2lbs this week!! Moving in the right direction. You moving with me?



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