Showing Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Whenever you struggle, stumble or fall those who really love you and care about you are there to help you dust yourself off and start all over again. Those people are the ones you must treasure throughout your life because they are the ones you can count on when the going gets tough and can see the real you. I am truly blessed to have many people like this in my life, some far away and some closer by, but yet all a blessing and for each and everyone of them I am truly thankful.

quotation-gratitude-1-853x1024Yesterday was the inspection on the house. I am sure like in all real estate transactions there will be things needing fixing and working through (especially since this a slightly older home, built in 1986) but I am feeling very positive right now given all the universe has recently bestowed upon me.  I am granted immeasurable blessings every day and I cant help but continue on this path of gratefulness.

All the profits, saints, monks, imams, priests, rabbis and pastors were all given callings to teach goodness.  All have said very similar things.  In Judaism the most important commandment is “to love thy neighbor as thyself”. Forgiveness is a foundation in many organized religions.  Outside of organized religion, in the spiritual community, I believe it is about appreciation and gratitude for what the universe provides us on a daily basis.  Acknowledging, finding and accepting our role within it and contributing in a positive way is the ultimate level of oneness and understanding. Ultimately this is what I believe the goal of the universe is; for all souls to learn the purpose of existence, to learn their individual purpose within the vast array of existence, and to return positive energy back into this realm to be “paid forward”. pay-it-forwardThose sent here by the source of all creation I believe were sent here to do just that. Teach us to accept and understand our place (albeit minuscule, yet powerful) within the universe, teach forgiveness, understanding and compassion.

I suppose the main purpose of this particular blog post is to thank both the universe, and all of you who have supported, and loved me through this emotionally trying time. It is difficult to hand things over to the universe, but when you do you will find a joy  incomparable to anything you have ever known.

If you are reading this blog as part of your weight loss journey, know that if I had not lost this spiritual part of who I am the journey may have never needed to be embarked on to begin with. Had I had this knowledge and peace it would have made all the difference in cultivating my self-worth and self-esteem. This may have created a less difficult, more powerful, and uplifting journey and transformation. Being proud and self assured along your path, instead of only appreciating the end result can make all the difference.contribution

Being thankful for both the wonderful things, and the painful things – both of which I continue to endure is not always easy. But because I know there is a purpose behind all of it, and the universe will not throw at me anything I cannot endure or overcome, I persevere.

Having grown up Jewish I still have my ties to the culture and tradition albeit not the belief system per se. But one of the many traditions I have always held dear is the notion of being thankful each morning upon awakening. Traditional observant Jews recite a prayer when they wake called Modeh Ani (I Give Thanks).  I now wake up in the morning having created my own version with which I am comfortable reciting. I say it in Hebrew because it is a beautiful language and then again in English for my own thorough comprehension and absorption. I do not know if my Hebrew grammar and syntax are correct. If any reader can correct it, feel free to do so, LOL.

.מודה‏ אני לפניך יקום חי קים וכוח עלין שהחזרת בי נשמתי בחמלה רבה אמונתך ונאמונתי. לא אבזבז את הזמן שבו בורכתי

I give thanks before you living eternal universe and supreme power for returning in me my soul with compassion, abundant is your faithfulness and my faithfulness. I will not waste the time with which I have been blessed.



  • Joan Rivera

    February 26, 2016

    This is a great blog, Judy. Yes, gratitude is the key to everything. It’s the Law of Attraction in action. It looks like the universe is rewarding you for keeping your faith. Good prevails.

    • Judy

      February 26, 2016

      Thank you Joan. The Law of Attraction is very strong. I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and believe as you that this is just exactly that. I hope you are equally rewarded for whatever your hearts desire may be. Thank you again for your support and your readership.

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