Karma is a Social Media Bitch

First all I could think was “holy shit”… a two page spread in the New York Daily News with my name all over it.  Then it was “holy shit”… a two page spread in the New York Daily News with my name all over it, and THANK YOU Larry McShane (@lmcshanenydn) for exposing the truth with such eloquence and accuracy.  I cannot thank you enough for the powerful article you wrote and I know I speak for all of his victims when expressing such deep gratitude.

I’d like to address directly one of the quotes Marc Gafni aka Mordechai Winiarz provided Mr. McShane.

“What they are doing is social media rape.”  Guess what? Real rape, real molestation, real stalking, real manipulation, real threats are far more criminal than an online battle of words.

So many bizarre memories are slowly returning (some positive, some definitely not).  Apparently when I was in University a professor gave me an article of his to read; I turned around, handed it back to her and gave her an education on Mordechai Winiarz; apparently one she never forgot – and then never assigned articles written by him again. I only have a vague recollection of doing this. But I gotta tell you, I was pretty bad ass to stand up for myself back then when I was still so terrified of him.

His cycle described by so many of his victims is what is so indicative of the sociopathic nature. The same story again and again, just altered ever so slightly so he is perceived “less guilty”, so he can more easily turn the tables.  Altered all the more so over the years – avoiding under age victims, because although possibly easier to manipulate they were too dangerous of skeletons to have in his crowded closet.

eliz pic
Elizabeth Sorvillo

If you are a victim of this man (under age or otherwise) I encourage you to contact Elizabeth Sorvillo who is advocating on behalf of his victims. She has offered her time, energy and support to help stop his abusive behavior once and for all.  The victims owe her more than she will ever know.

As for the other anonymous underage victim (who I personally know and send my love and suport); your quote ended this fantastic article and spoke volumes for all of us who have suffered over the past three decades. “And he is still the same guy who molested a 13 year old. He is not a different person.”

PLEASE PLEASE sign the petition linked to below. Get this man’s funding stopped before he hurts more people. The link also appears to the right on my blogs side bar.





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