How Do You Catch a Sociopath?

sociopathsI haven’t had the strength to write these past few days.  Thirty years of speaking out and telling and retelling the same story to rabbi after rabbi, and now more recently reporter after reporter takes a toll quickly. I have read all the articles that have been published and so many of the supportive posts, and although they are encouraging and vindicating, they are equally exhausting.

The spiritual community who has been harmed so deeply by this man now leads the charge against him, and it is appreciated.  I hear and share your pain. What everyone needs to understand is that the two underage victims were “practice” for Marc Gafni, test runs so to speak – learning tools used to refine his pathology. We are all victims of this man and I feel for each and every individual he has hurt and manipulated.

We can all thank all those who came before and silenced those of us who were his playground and training field – and that includes many people who now stand against him.  Now you believe? Now you see and want to hear and listen?  Why?  Because now it has affected you and crept into your sphere of reality.

This disturbing yet highly accurate rendition of Mordechai’s “abilities” penned by Terry Patten is right on target. There will be no justice for those of us preyed upon as teenagers, nor will there be for any of his other victims because the law has no punishment for the “disarmingly charming, incredibly warm and affectionate, and devotedly attentive” sociopaths in our midst. The law cannot charge an individual whose crime is being “outrageously diabolical…(with a) unique way of getting inside people’s heads and subtly casting a spell on them, and then using that influence to influence or manipulate others.”  As of now the law has not progressed to this deeper understanding of criminal behavior. “Our community needs a way to protect itself from talented sociopaths with histories of unprocessed shadow and violating others’ hearts, souls, and bodies.”

“To be used in this way is a form of abuse. To add sexuality to it, is even more hurtful.” The law does not yet see this either.

The information provided in the Times of Israel was particularly disturbing, hurtful and entirely false.

“Additionally, Gafni said he finds Mitzner’s continued re-telling of the story for more than three decades particularly painful. He calls her testimony “categorically false.”

‘Judy is not acting alone. She is a part of well-organized and funded social group’

“For 31 years she has been encouraged to be a victim. Judy is not acting alone. She is a part of well-organized and funded social group. She received strong social approval and reward for being a hero breaking the silence, which is ironic because she has not stopped talking about this and attacking me for decades in so many different ways, causing me and my children and friends a massive amount of substantive damage and pain,” said Gafni.

Gafni claimed he has taken a polygraph test that proves his innocence, and that there is “significant other information which supports that conclusion.”

Additionally, he claimed he has repeatedly tried to contact Mitzner “to create resolution.”

“She has always refused,” Gafni said. “I want reach out right now, as I have many times over the years through third parties, and invite Judy into a mediated conversation where we could transform this from hatred to goodness and truth and beauty.”

I would like to make something PERFECTLY clear I have always acted alone. I have never been part of a “well-organized and funded social group”. Please, if that is the case why am I the one struggling to make ends meet while he sits “looking out of his home office on Monterey Bay”?

You want a polygraph test? You think that shit would hold up in a court of law? Give your under age victims a polygraph test… oh and let us write the questions… as he did for his “exam”.

As for his claims that he has repeatedly tried to contact me to “create a resolution” – this is as well entirely false.  I have never heard from him nor would I want to.  He victimized me, and no mediated conversation “could transform this from hatred to goodness and truth and beauty”.

I think I am just really exhausted. I am doing my best to maintain my inner strength and resilience.  I DO NOT want to be: “Judy… isn’t she the one that was one of the underage victims of Marc Gafni?” I am so much more than that.  I just need to find that again.


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  • tamgoddess

    January 9, 2016

    You don’t owe any of us anything. I know you know that, but I also know it helps to hear it.Take care of yourself. You’ve done an amazing job of it and you are entitled to rest. <3

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