I Need to Quit Being Broken…

My toes, my teeth, my budget… Sitting at the dentist, terrified of both the procedure and the bill.  I honestly hate the dental industry and dental insurance is a joke. I think it’s covering less than a third of the total cost. This just sucks all the way around. IMG_20151207_090558

All I can say is when this is over I’d better feel better. I wish I had the money to pull each and every tooth and put in implants. Genetically speaking I was blessed with horrible teeth and gums. Oh well, can’t win em’ all.

Almost two hours later…still need another hour and a half worth of work. He couldn’t completely clean out the root, so I take antibiotics, go back in a few weeks to finish, and then another visit three weeks later for the fitting of permanent crowns.  Gonna rest this afternoon and get started with Chanukah dinner preparations. The nitrous oxide relaxes me, and kinda brings we a weird heightened awareness while I’m under. I can remember thinking all sorts of things, and felt each muscle when it tightened which was a blessing because it allowed me to relax as necessary.

I had an audition Sunday, which if I get will be absolutely hilarious as my toes were hurting, and my tooth was killing me.  But, I needed to get back out there. I’m back in sneakers and they are pretty comfortable.  The toes are still a bit swollen, but overall the recovery has not been bad. I hope I can say the same about the tooth. If you are reading, keep your thoughts positive for my audition… and my tooth – LOL.

The first night of Chanukah was nice and hoping for 7 more.  Looking forward to the dinner, enjoying a good meal and some tradition with friends. I found a gluten free recipe for sufganiot (jelly donuts), keep your thoughts positive on that one too!

Holidays are really hard on the waistline, but I am trying to take things in moderation and think I am ready to get back to exercising. Some people only have Thanksgiving and Christmas and others only Thanksgiving and Chanukah, my lucky ass gets to have all three to eat my way through. At least by being the cook for the meals I can control what is served, the harder part is the portion control. With any luck it will be back to the gym on Wednesday.



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