Well Thanksgiving is over and for us Chanukah is next on the list. The holiday season is just CRAZY! We will be having a nice dinner with friends and family on the second night. So another round of cooking begins. My feet are doing really well, but I think because they don’t hurt too much I tend to overdo it, and pay for it the next day. That being said, I am still trying to take it somewhat easy.

A lot has transpired since my last post (in chronological order):

  1. We chose a date and a theme for our wedding. Now, I never thought I’d be a themed wedding kind of person, but we want this to be FUN and not at all stodgy or traditional. So, we are theming our wedding after the Broadway show Wicked; and the relationship built between Elphaba and Galinda. (If you have never seen Wicked all I have to say is… go see it!) Our colors will be emerald green and purple. The purple (which happens to be my favorite color) came from this Pinterest picture I saw of a cake done in that theme. wicked cakeDon’t think I can afford a cake quite like that one, but it kinda became the inspiration. It won’t be a big wedding that’s not the experience we are wanting nor is it something we can afford. It will be fun – that much I can guarantee. Here’s a picture of the “Save The Date” I designed. The date isn’t there, because that information will only be available to those attending.2015-12-01 17.41.30
  2. The San Bernardino shooting scared me as my eldest daughter lives in North Hollywood and although not “near” the situation (70 miles or so away), too close for my comfort. I have nothing to say about this situation other than human behavior is so complex, and can be so terrifying and shocking. I have known this most of my life having been the target of bizarre behavior after being victimized by a sexual predator. You never know what someone is capable of. This “normal” guy who liked to snowboard, his “normal” wife who had a baby shower and registered at Target… Maybe this surprises people, but it doesn’t surprise me. It saddens me and it scares me, but it doesn’t surprise me.
  3. My fiancée lost her grandpa. This was not unexpected, but still hit her hard. They were close, and keeping him alive through joyful memories is so important to her. I want to shelter her from the family drama that ensues after a death, but I cannot do that – she has to find the strength to deal with the situation in the way she feels best. I can only be there to hold her, let her cry and vent and I will listen. Being there for her is my priority.

So, happy things, sad things, stressful things – this is life. We all have to keep that in perspective. Any extreme change in mood could trigger those of us who are emotional eaters to eat. I know it hasn’t been easy for me the past few weeks. But I do have complete trust in my own strength to return to my healthy lifestyle and continue moving forward. Living a healthy life is something you owe yourself. It is something you CAN control when life feels very much out of control.



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