STAYING Motivated

The most difficult part for most people struggling with their weight is STAYING motivated. This is why so many of us try so many diets, lose some, gain some and continue on the same vicious cycle. I wish I had a miracle answer, but because weight loss is such an individual journey staying motivated can be a very personal and emotionally charged bumpy road. No one stays 100% motivated 100% of the time. I think the key is staying motivated for the majority of the time – this is what will push you through the difficult moments. Being able to reflect and remember why you started the journey to begin with, and the successes you have had in the past will help you move forward.
My motivations:

  • Living healthy for my family
  • Being the best me I can be
  • Not losing myself because of what I see in the mirror
  • Remembering how lousy I felt 135+ pounds heavier
  • Realizing how happy and revitalized I am now

Although these sound like motivations post weight loss, they actually were the same during my weight loss. I found it helpful to write these things on a card and keep it with me and one with the same reminders posted on the refrigerator. I also kept a photo of a beautiful dress I hoped to wear as a personal reward for reaching my goal. Having visual reminders was helpful to me. I also set my phone to remind me when to have a small snack during the day.

The hardest part was certainly the exercise. But again it was the results I saw that kept me motivated. Pounds or no pounds I saw my shape changing and wanted to keep moving in that direction.

Simple things you hear from many people who have had weight loss success really do help, like:

  • Parking your car further out in the parking lot, and walking in when you are shopping rather than hovering around to find the closest spot.
  • Counting your steps daily with a pedometer or a FitBit or similar smart watch. Keep setting your goals just a bit higher as you see improvement. (This will help with motivation too!)
  • Lifting some free weights or doing some jumping jacks during the commercial breaks of your favorite television show.
  • Listening to music that makes you want to move. (Check out the song above that I used to start my movement everyday.)
  • Just start out by carving 20 minutes of movement into your schedule and grow from there.

I hope these things were helpful for some of you. If anyone has any additional suggestions please feel free to comment on the post to help and encourage others.



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